Rosa Mystica

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St.Andrea SzőlőbirtokWe are delighted that after our Napbor and Örökké wines, a special rosé cuvée with an individual label published today at the Liszt Ferenc Airport Heinemann Duty Free.

Rosa Mystica is a really energetic, light rosé from the outstanding vintage of 2017. Its long, lively acids make it a really good, refreshing summer wine. Besides the tastes of raspberry and strawberries, a few savour of grapefruit and orange appears, all covered with a breathtaking volcanic character.

The Rosa Mystica is named after a statue of Virgin Mary, holding three roses in her hand. This is a direct reference to the vineyard that lies at the foot of the Mary Shrine of Egerszalók.

The wine was made from grapes of Pinot Noir and Merlot and was aged for 4 months in a wooden barrel and in a cartridge (10-90%), then bottled at the end of March.

Alcohol content: 11,63 %
T.acid: 5,5 g/l
Sugar free extract: 18,2 g/l

So if you start a trip from Liszt Ferenc Airport, you can even bring our three wines as a gift far away.

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