Boldogságos Egri Csillag Grand Superior 2017

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Pear, peach and ripe gooseberry complemented by white floral aromas, vanilla and a hint of green herbs on the nose.  Ripe fruits and vanilla with intense mineral touch on the palate tells the production site. I mineral Balanced structure, complex and fully riped. A soft, velvety, deep, exciting, sophisticated, unique wine.

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Additional information

Grape varieties

Olaszrizling 28%, Pinot Gris 25%, Hárslevelű 18%, Furmint 15%, Sauvignon Blanc 14%


Sugar content, g/l: 1,7, Alcohol content, %: 13,23 % v/v, T. acid g/l: 5,2, Sugar free extract g/l: 18,6


Type of soil (if determinative): brown forest soil with clay, rhyolite tuff in the deep layers, Climate: Continental, cold winter, hot summer


Age of vines: composite, Yield control – cluster/vine: 6-12 clusters

Vinicultural Data

Fermentation: Fermentation of destemmed cluster in oak barrel, Malolactic fermentation: yes, partly, Aging: stainless steel – oak barrel 60 – 40%, Time of aging: 8 months, Filtration: yes

Volume of bottle

0,75 litre, Type of closing bottle: nomacorc


Date of bottling: 26th June 2018, Total produced bottles: 12844 bottles

Serving advice

Optimal drinking temperature: 12-13 Co. Optimal time of drinking: 1-4 years. Store wine under 15 Co for optimal improving.

Food pairing

Dishes made of grapefruit, sweet fennel and fishes.